Tax Credit For Used Hybrid Cars

Sticker prices for plug-in hybrid and battery-electric vehicles are, for the most part, significantly higher than those of similarly sized gasoline or traditional hybrid cars. Their purchase price becomes more competitive, though, when you factor in the federal electric car tax credit. Before you …

How the $7,500 EV Tax Credit works... and doesn't work-- plus PA rebates! Find out how you can save money through Federal tax incentives on your purchase of a new plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle!

While many used cars tend to stay on the market for over a month, hybrid and electric cars are the exception. It’s no surprise that electrified vehicles are quick sellers on used car lots.

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The alternative motor vehicle tax credit may be short-lived, depending on consumer demand for the new cars powered by fuel-efficient hybrid, electric, and clean diesel motors. Most of the cars certified for the credit are hybrid cars.

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Here’s an updated list of the 19 plug-in electric cars that qualify for the full $7,500 credit in the U.S.

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